COVID-19 Crisis Response For Startups

As the impact of COVID-19 has swept across the globe, no industry has been spared from its effects. Startups are particularly vulnerable as customer spending has plummeted for most and VCs have tightened their belts as an ever shortening runway looms ahead.

CEOs are being bombarded with information, misinformation, questions, and requests as they navigate through these ever changing, stormy waters. This deluge of data can easily hinder, rather than help.

In order to mitigate information overload, we’ve put together a handbook that extracts information for U.S. and Canadian startups and puts it in one place. The topics range from emergency funding initiatives to guidance on how to reduce rent to how to handle difficult conversations humanely.

Although it may seem difficult to look beyond to a post-COVID-19 world, know that this too shall pass. During this period, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges ahead and take early, decisive action. We hope the resources in the handbook will help inform your decision-making through to calmer waters ahead.

Click here to access the handbook.

Relay Ventures is an early stage VC fund based in Toronto and Calgary.